How Long Do Geek Bars Last?

How Long Does a Geek Bar Last? 

Each Geek Bar disposable vape is designed to last for 575 puffs. This is equivalent to around 20 - 25 cigarettes. Depending on how much you smoke this should last you around 2 days. Of course if you smoke more often than most then you may need to replace your Geek Bar more frequently. 

Geek Vape is a company with top quality products, and the Geek Bar disposable vape pen proves this to be true with its great taste and portability. However, some people may be wondering just how long one of these disposable pens lasts, or if they should buy them in bulk or just throw them away after each time they use them. This guide will help you to learn the answers to these questions, so that you can decide whether or not the Geek Bar disposable vape pen is right for you!

How Long Does a Geek Bar Battery Last? 

Your Geek Bar battery will last as long as your Geek Bar, meaning that your battery will not run out before the vape juice. Geek Bar vapes are disposable systems so once your battery has gone, its time to throw away your device and replace it with a new one. Here at Vape Disposables we offer some great deals on our Geek Bar’s such as 3 for £12. This will help you to ensure that you’re never without a replacement device when your Geek Bar runs out of battery. 

How Many Days Should a Geek Bar Last?

As mentioned above, this will be entirely dependent on how often you vape. However, Geek Bars are designed to last an average of 1-2 days.

When Can I Start Using a Geek Bar? 

Firstly, you must be over the age of 18 to purchase and use a disposable vape device. Anyone over the age of 18 can start using a Geek Bar disposable vape whenever they desire. They are simple and easy to use making them perfect for both new and seasoned vapers. If you are looking to quit smoking - the Geek Bar disposable vape could be the perfect alternative for you.  Here at Vape Disposable, we have amazing offers and competitive prices making the switch to vaping, easy, convenient and cost effective. 

How Do I Charge My Geek Bar? 

The answer to this question is simple. You don’t. Geek Bars are disposable vape devices and therefor require no charging. Once your device has ran out of batter you simply dispose of it and replace it with new one. 

How to Know When a Geek Bar is Empty?

You will know when your Geek Bar is empty as you will not be able to puff out anything. However, your last drag will not taste burnt at all. Geek Bar pride themselves on delivering consistency from the first to the last puff. 


If you are looking to switch to vaping from smoking or just looking to re-stock your current favourite Geek Bar flavour, we have the deal for you. Find our Geek Bars on both the 3 for £12 and 4 for £10 offers. We have a wide selection of flavours available as well as a range of other disposable vape brands and models for you to choose from. 

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