How Much Are Elf Bars?

The Elf disposable vape is one of the newest products on the market in this rapidly growing industry. If you’re wondering how much an Elf bar will cost or where to find the best discounts and deals on Elf Bars, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Vape Disposables, we have a wide variety of Elf Bars available in a range of different flavours. We also offer great deals such as 3 for £12 or 2 for £9.50

Elf Bar provides an amazing selection of disposable devices that all provide an outstanding vaping experience. Whether it be the original Elf Bar 600 with its very popular flavours and well-loved throat hit or the CR500 with its stylish and unique design, with Elf Bar you're bound to find a vape perfect for you. 

Elf Bar Cost 

The standard Elf Bar 200mg vape is available at Vape Disposables for just £4.40 per vape. Each 20mg device contains 600 puffs which are equivalent to around 45 to 50 cigarettes. On average this would cost around £30 in cigarettes and £20 in tobacco. Switching to vaping can help you save a least two-thirds of the standard price of cigarettes. We also offer deals across our other Elf Bar devices such as the Elf Bar 600 and the Elf Bar T600. All Elf Bars are prefilled with 20mg Nicotine salt e-liquid, accompanied by a 500mAh battery life and 2ml tank.

Should You Buy a Disposable Vape?

Vape bars are small disposable e-cigarettes that come in multiple flavours. They’re affordable, easy to use and have fewer parts than traditional e-cigs, making them especially appealing for people who haven’t vaped before. They also offer great savings when comparing their price to tobacco and cigarettes. If you’re looking for a more convenient way to smoke then disposable vapes are definitely the answer! 

How Much Nicotine Is In An Elf Bar?

Elf Bars are available in 20mg nicotine salt strength. These disposable devices are pre-filled. This means that the device only contains one part and is simple and convenient. Disposable vapes also allow you to get your nicotine hit without inhaling all the harmful substances.

How Many Days Does An Elf Bar Last?

It depends on how heavy of a smoker you are and how many hits you take per day. On average an Elf Bar should last around 1-2 days. If you tend to smoke more often than the average smoker, then you can probably expect your Elf Bar to last around a day. Roughly, each device contains 500-600 puffs which is equivalent to around 45-50 cigarettes. Using this metric you should be able to work out how often you need to replace your device. 

Who Can Use An Elf Bar Vape?

Elf bar vapes are perfect for anyone over the age of 18 who wants to quit smoking. Alternatively, they also offer a great solution for anyone looking for a more convenient way to smoke. Due to the compact design of the device Elf Bars are easy to use and pocket friendly!

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