How Much Are Geek Bars?

The Geek Bar disposable vape models are one of the most popular disposable vape products on the market. If you are wondering how much a geek bar will cost you or where to find the best deals on Geek Bars, we’ve got you covered. Here at Vape Disposables, we offer a wide variety of Geek Bar models in a range of different flavours.

Geek Bar Cost

The standard 10mg Geek Bar is available at Vape Disposables for the low price of £4.95. Each 10mg device contains around 575 puffs, which is equivalent to around 45 cigarettes. On average this would cost almost £40 in cigarettes and around £15 in tobacco. The savings speak for themselves! 

Switching to vaping can help you to save at least two-thirds of the amount you would spend on cigarettes or rolling tobacco. We also have an amazing offer of 3 for £12 across all of our Geek Bar models. Not only does this offer an opportunity for further savings, but it also means that you can ensure you are never without a device when the one you are currently using runs out. 

How Many Days Will My Geek Bar Last?

Each Geek Bar is designed to last for 575 puffs, 90% more than other products on the market. That's about 20 - 25 cigarettes per bar. Additionally, they come with a 550mAh battery. As a result, a Geek Bar should last between 1-2 days. In the end, it all depends on how much you vape and how many hits you take daily. However, your last hit will never taste burned. Geek Bar's advanced technology ensures consistent service from the very first hit to the very last.

Head to Vape Disposables if you are considering quitting smoking and switching to vaping, or if you are an experienced vaper looking to restock your disposable devices. We offer brands like Elf Bar, Smok and Elux. We also have a great selection of disposable vaping devices for both beginners and seasoned vapers! With our great deals and wide selection of flavours, you're sure to find the perfect vape! 

Who Can Use a Geek Bar?

Geek Bars are perfect for both seasoned and new vapers alike! They are perfect for anyone over the age of 18 who wants to quit smoking. In addition, they are also an excellent choice if you're looking for a more convenient way to smoke. Geek Bars are easy to use and pocket-friendly because of their compact design!

Are Geek Bars Worth It?

Geek Bars offer a high level of convenience when smoking as they are ready to use straight from the box. The mouthpiece is the right size and does not feel awkward when inhaled. We recommend the Geek Bar to anyone who wants to start vaping and quit smoking. The low price per bar makes this the perfect product for people to use to work out whether vaping is for them or not. 


If you are looking for the best deals and competitive prices on Geek Bar disposable products then head to Vape Disposables today! We have an amazing offer of 3 for £12 across all of our Geek Bar models as well as a wide variety of flavours available! 

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