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Kiwi Vape Pen

Here at Vape Disposables, we are excited to stock the new Kiwi Vape Pen! The Kiwi Starter Kit has completely revolutionised the vaping industry! It comes in six colours and is a simple and intuitive product for all vapers. With the power bank that comes with the device, you can charge it on the go. Thanks to the power bank, the battery lasts over 72 hours. Since it works with a magnetic charge by a pin, even the most inexperienced vapers can use it! In terms of mouth to lung drag, the device feels similar to a cigarette, but it does not produce any unpleasant odours. The e-liquid is refillable in a removable pod.

Kiwi Vape Kit 

With KIWI Starter Kit, you can begin your journey to a smoke-free life!

  • User-friendly and responsive
  • Powerbank included
  • Cotton tips or polycarbonate drip tips can be used
  • With a satisfying aroma and an ergonomic design, it is especially pleasing to the senses
  • A soft-touch technology replaces unhandy buttons on the KIWI ™ Powerbank
  • You can recharge and protect the Pen using a magnetic charging system

The KIWI vaporizer does not heat tobacco but vaporizes liquid with or without nicotine. Steam is produced without foul odourS.

Here at Vape Disposables, we have a variety of disposable vape brands available such as Elf Bar and Geek Bar. We also offer amazing savings such as 2 for £9.50 and 3 for £12.

Kiwi Vape Pen FAQ

How Do You Reset a Kiwi Vape? 

With the power cable plugged into the Powerbank and the Vaporizer connected, click the Soft-touch button quickly 10 times until the first vibration and at the end of the vibration, click five more times until the second vibration. This completes the restart.

Is the Kiwi Vape Worth it? 

The Kiwi Vapor brand gives us a complete kit that includes not only an excellent pod, small, light, and efficient but also an external battery and charger, for a long-lasting battery.

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