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Geek Vape Disposable 

These disposable vapes come pre-filled with 2ml of 20mg of Nic Salt (Nicotine Salt) E-liquid with a 50/50 concentration of PG (Propylene Glycol) & VG (Vegetable Glycerine). The Geek Bar disposable vape kit comes with a powerful 500mAh battery that provides 575 puffs (equivalent to 20 cigarettes) of great flavour including organic cotton material and elements. Available in a variety of flavours to suit any preference, including Green Apple, Sweet Strawberry, Menthol, Tobacco, Blueberry Ice and much more. 

At Vape Disposables we understand that everybody is different. There are many disposable vape pod kits designed to match the equivalent of smoking 20 cigarettes. Whether you prefer to use a Geek Bar, Moreish Puff, Beco Bars, Elf Bars or any disposable,  e-cig vaping is the way forward if you are interested in quitting smoking. They have many advantages; as they are environmentally friendly and require low maintenance.

Mix & Match 3 for £12!

Geek Bar FAQ

Who Can Use A Geek Bar?

The Geek Bar was designed for anyone over the age of 18, aiming to quit smoking. They are designed to be user friendly and easier to use than other models on the market.

What is A Geek Bar?

Geek Bars are disposable vape devices made by GeekVape. They are pre-filled with flavoured e-liquid, easy to use and pocket friendly.

How Many Days Does A Geek Bar Last?

Although we can get an idea, it’s difficult to give you a definite answer to this question. Ultimately how long your Geek Bar lasts will depend on a number of factors. For example, how long your draw is and how many hits you take per day. However, if we assume you're not puffing away excesseively, your Geek Bar should last you 1-2 days max.

How Do You Know When Your Geek Bar is Empty?

Your Geek Bar will let you know it’s empty by simply not creating vapour anymore. You will know it’s time for a new bar as you won’t be able to inhale anything.

How to Use A Geek Bar?

Using your Geek Bar is really simple! Just remove the packaging and take a hit!

How Old Do I Need to be to Buy A Geek Bar?

You must be of legal smoking age to purchase a Geek Bar.

What’s Special About Geek Bar Flavours?

Geek Bar offer an extensive range of flavours that give you a strong and tasty enable on every hit!

How Addictive Are Geek Bars?

Geek Bars are available in the UK with a nicotine strength of 2% and 5%. According to the Geek Bar website, this has the same nicotine content as 125 cigarettes.

How Much Nicotine is in A Geek Bar?

Geek Bars are available in 20mg and 10mg nicotine salt strengths.

What is A Geek Bar Lite?

A Geek Bar lite is a smaller version of the original Geek Bar designed by Geek Vape. Each Geek Bar Lite has a 350mAh battery which can provide approximately 350 puffs.

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