Vampire Vape Geek Bar

Vampire Vape and Geekvape’s Geek Bar, who are too big names within the vaping community have come together to deliver a new line of disposable vape pens putting the efficiency and popularity of the Geek Bar and the award-winning flavours of Vampire Vape together to make an outstanding new line Geek Bars that produce new extravagant flavours that will intensify your vaping experience. 


They come up with 10 new flavours which are Blood Sukka, Pinkman Ice, Heisenberg, Spearmint, Ice Menthol, Mango Ice, Simply Blackcurrant, Black Jack and All Day Grape. These new flavours also come with an option of strength to accommodate everyone which is either 10mg or 20mg of Nic Salt E-liquid.


Who is Vampire Vape?
Established in 2012, Vampire Vape is one of the well-known brands in the vaping community being well known for their award-winning nic salt e-liquids Heisenberg and Pinkman.

Who is Geekvape?
Geek vape is a well-known brand popularly known for its disposable vapes with sleek and stylish design. 

Why is it called Vampire Vape Geek Bar?
This new line of Geek Bars has acquired their new name because they are a collaboration between Vampire Vape and Geekvape. 

What's the difference between 10mg Nic Salt and 20mg Nic salt?
One major difference between them is that 20 mg contains more Nic salt which makes it stronger with more of a throat hit making it a more intense vaping experience whereas with 10mg Nic Salt it is a weaker strength meaning there is less of a throat hit and more of a smoother vaping experience. 

Staff Pick:
Around the office, we have all had a try of the flavours and we have all decided that the best flavour was Heisenberg with its strong fruity flavours with a strong yet not overpowering throat hit that gave us all an enjoyable vaping experience.

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