What Does it Mean When a Geek Bar Flashes?
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When the light at the base of your Geek Bar begins to flash this means that your disposable vape device has run out of juice. You will also know that your Geek Bar has run out as you won't be able to draw anything when you try to take a hit.

Here at Vape Disposables, we have a range of Geek Bars available. Whether you are looking for the classic disposable device, the Geek Bar lite or the Geek Bar S600, we can promise fast delivery and an extensive range of flavours to choose from.

What Does the Light on my Geek Bar Mean?

On the base of your Geek Bar, there will be a LED light. This light will work as a sensor and will fire as you begin vaping and flash when your disposable vape device has run out. The hole in the base where this light is located is also for airflow. If you cover this hole whilst trying to take a hit your device will not work properly. You should only see the LED light at these two instances, if it stays on constantly or constantly flashes, these may indicate a fault with your device and you should contact your supplier. Here at Vape Disposables, we only work with trusted suppliers and licensed manufacturers.

How Do You Know When a Geek Bar Has Ran Out?

As mentioned above, the LED light on your device will begin to flash when your device has run out of battery or juice. You will also not be able to inhale anything when you try to take a hit. Geek Bars are disposable vape devices and therefore should be discharged when they have run out. They can not be re-filled or re-charged. At Vape Disposables we have a variety of mix and match multi-buy deals. With these great deals, you can ensure that you always have a replacement when your vape device runs out. 

How Long Will a Geek Bar Last?

Each Geek Bar is designed to last for 575 puffs, 90% more compared to other devices on the market. This is equivalent to around 20 - 25 cigarettes. They also come with a 550 mAh battery. This means that on average your Geek Bar should last around 1-2 days. However, this all depends on how heavy of a vaper you are and how many hits you take per day. Don't worry, your last hit will never taste burnt. Due to their advanced technology, Geek Bar promise consistency from your first hit to your last.

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