Can You Take Disposable Vapes on a Plane UK?


Disposable vapes are so convenient that you can take them everywhere. But what about when you go abroad? When you're flying abroad you may wonder if you will be able to get hold of your chosen disposable vape in your holiday destination. Can you take your disposable vape with you in your luggage or on the aeroplane? 

Can You Take a Vape on a Plane UK? 

For obvious reasons, you can not vape whilst on the plane or during your flight. However, you are able to travel with your disposable vape depending on your destination and the restrictions of your chosen airline. British Airways state ‘You cannot use e-cigarettes or similar items on board. Place these items in your hand baggage and protect each of them to prevent accidental activation’.You can find a list of their restricted or prohibited items on their websiteRyanair also states that you may ‘take e-cigs on the plane but you cannot use them’.

You should also check the laws and restrictions of your chosen destination. Thailand, India, and Singapore are countries where vaping is completely illegal. If you bring one in, you could be fined or imprisoned. You should always check the local laws and regulations of your chosen destination before travelling with your disposable vape. Some airlines may not allow you to take your vape on a plane if you are travelling to one of these destinations. Virgin Atlantic states that they do not allow vapes on flights to and from India for this reason. 

Can You Take Elf Bars on a Plane UK? 

If the airline allows you to carry your disposable vape, whether it be an Elf Bar, Geek Bar or another brand this does not matter. If vapes are permitted and legal in your chosen destination then this will not be specific to the brand. It may however be dependent on the model due to restrictions. You can check these on your chosen airline's website. 

Can I Take a Disposable Vape Hand Luggage? 

If you have checked your chosen destination and they are permitted you should carry your vape in your hand luggage. This is the bag that you take on the plane with you. Remember to store your vape in a liquids bag when you go through security checkpoints as they contain E-liquid. E-liquids are not much different than any other type of liquid, and you're not permitted to bring in any that contains more than 100ml of anything that is not allowed on flights. So it's important to remember that there are restrictions on the number of liquids that you can take into the plane as hand luggage, with regulations different for each country and for those not within the EU.

Can You Put Disposable Vapes in Your Suitcase? 

As with most electronic devices, vapes contain lithium batteries, which are fire hazards. Because of this, they cannot be stored in hold luggage on planes and must be taken in carry-on luggage. If found in your suitcase they could be confiscated or you may be subject to further questioning and possibly a fine. As mentioned above you should carry your vape in your hand luggage and ensure that they are packaged appropriately. 

How Many Disposable Vapes Can I Bring on a Plane?

You can not carry more than 100ml of liquid per container in your hand luggage. This applies to disposable vapes due to the E-liquid as stated above. Disposable vapes usually carry around 2ml of E-liquid. However, there is a limit on the overall amount of liquid you can carry. You can check this with your chosen airline. Emirates state that ‘These containers must be placed in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag of a maximum capacity not exceeding one litre’.

Best Vapes for Travelling

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Vapes and Travelling FAQ 

Can I Vape on The Plane? 

No, you should not vape on the plane and you could face a hefty fine if you do. 

Can I Vape at the Airport? 

There are different regulations between different airports on what you can and can't do with vaping. For example, some may prohibit it altogether, and others might offer dedicated smoking areas, so it's a good idea to see what's in the regulations at your destination before you fly.

Where Can I Vape at the Airport? 

You may only vape in the designated smoking areas if they are provided. 

Can I Buy Disposable Vapes at the Airport? 

This will be dependent on the airport you are flying from and the country you are flying from. 

Can I Buy Disposable Vapes Abroad? 

This will be completely dependent on what country you are visiting. You may wish to research the laws and regulations of your chosen destination before your flight.

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