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Britain may be the first country to prescribe e-cigarettes! 


Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) has taken vaping to a whole new level. 

Medical device manufacturers are invited to submit their products for approval to be prescribed by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

As a result, England could become the first country in the world to prescribe e-cigarettes as a medical product. E-cigarettes have been the subject of a lot of discussion over the years about whether they can be used for this purpose, however I strongly believe that this could be highly beneficial for the UK residents. 


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According to Vape360, 3.6 million people now vape in the UK, with an astonishing 2.3 million people transitioning to vaping and freeing themselves of their smoking habits. 

Although vaping still has its disadvantages, vaping does not produce tar or carbon monoxide, and has been proven by the British Public Health Of England to be 95% Healthier than smoking. However, each vape contains a certain amount of Nicotine Salt typically ranging between 1.2 - 2ml, which makes them highly addictive. So with that being said, vaping still contains harmful substances just at lower levels so that the chances of diseases and illnesses occurring are lower than smoking. In 2019, Almost 65,000 people died in the UK last year due to smoking. Currently, no deaths have been recorded from using E-liquids. 

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said e-cigarettes could be an important tool to reduce smoking rates. "Opening the door to a licensed e-cigarette prescribed on the NHS has the potential to tackle the stark disparities in smoking rates across the country," he said.

In an updated guideline, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) says that e-cigarettes can be prescribed to tobacco smokers who want to quit smoking and switch to vaping. Smoking continues to be the leading preventable cause of premature death. Even though smoking rates in the UK are at record low levels, there are still about 6.1 million smokers in the country. 


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Public health experts have also raised concerns about young people in particular becoming hooked on vaping despite never having smoked. Tobacco companies have turned to creating the device.

If you are a new beginner vaper and you are interested in quitting smoking, then disposable pod device start kits would be the best option for you. However if you are an everyday vaper, then i would advise you to stick to using your traditional pod device and try to lower the amount of nicotine you consume by using juices that contain low amounts of nicotine. I would also recommend to members of the public who neither smoke or vape to stay away from vaping as it can be highly addictive, so carry on living a healthy lifestyle!


Overall, The NHS has come up with a great idea to tackle smoking within the country. By prescribing vaping starter kits to those willing to stop smoking, the NHS will be saving many lives in order to protect members of the public from many diseases and illnesses that you are most likely to suffer from. Furthermore, becoming the first country in the world to supply prescription vapes is a huge accomplishment!  

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