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Aspire has done it!

Being one the biggest brands within the vaping community, Aspire, until recently, was one of the only companies to not have developed their very own disposable vape and a lot of people were beginning to believe that they never would but to our surprise, they’ve gone and released a disposable vape that the team over at Vape Disposables think are packed with some great flavours inside a very unique design. They have named this innovative device the One Up C1.

This device houses a 320mAh internal battery that heats a 1.8 ohm Nichrome Coil. The combination of this battery and coil will provide you with approximately 500 puffs (depending on your vaping style).

We know hearing about a new vape can be exciting so we’re going to give you a rundown of all the flavours.


Banana Ice

Aspire One Up C1 - Banana Ice

The sweet taste of banana is very distinctive through this vape providing sweet exotic flavours that create a wonderful vaping experience.

Berry Mix

Aspire One Up C1 - Berry Mix

The juicy blend of sweet berries are packed into this vape, bursting with rich berry flavours that excite your taste buds and give you a luxurious vaping experience. 

Blueberry Ice

Aspire One Up C1 - Blueberry Ice

This vape is filled with some sweet blueberry flavours that provide you with a sweet summer taste that provide you a satisfying vaping experience.

Mango Ice

Aspire One Up C1 - Mango Ice

Exotic mangoes fill this vape with sweet refreshing flavours to create a tropical flavour blend that is chilled to perfection to provide you with a tropical vaping experience.

Peach Ice

Aspire One Up C1 - Peach Ice

Juicy peaches are packed into this device to provide you with sweet juicy fruity flavours that are perfectly blended with some frosty ice.

Watermelon Ice

Aspire One Up C1 - Watermelon Ice

The fresh taste of watermelons powers through this vape providing you with a succulent tasting vape.

The Vape Disposables team gave all the wonderful flavours a try and we thought all the flavours were great. The Watermelon Ice had to be our staff pick with its sweet juicy flavours.

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